Dear Sorella, 

In two weeks you'll be 21 and we will be getting ready to leave for Sicily and Sardinia! I know you're more than thrilled to spend two weeks by my side every day, and I'm sure the boys can't wait to be our photographers. All the planning and organization of tours and actives has me reminiscing about spring break in Nassau. 

Every day in Nassau greeted us with bright blues from the ocean, and every evening would fade away in hues of yellow, orange, and pink. The sunsets left you speechless and I'm sure the sunsets in Italy will do the same.


In Nassau we stayed at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar resort, but we spent a fair amount of time outside the resort, immersing ourselves in the culture and livelihood of the locals... and food of course. My favorite restaurant by far was an Italian place that I had to beg Mom and Scarlett to go to, but it was worth it. We took our exploring on water for two amazing boat days, and we definitely didn't skimp out on beach time!


All in all, it was an amazing spring break trip and I hope to go back. But for now, I can't wait until Italy!

                                                                                                         xoxo -Francesca