Dear Sorella, 

It's almost been three full years now since I started my college journey with a semester abroad... and all the Royal Wedding hype has me missing it so much. I remember telling people my very first semester was going to be in London and they'd look at me, then look at our parents, then look back at me with a look that said "are you crazy"? Some people even outright asked me "are you sure you want to do that, are you ready?" and I'd just laugh because I definitely was.

4+ months was a long time to be away from you fools but it was worth it... some days I actually forget it ever happened. I came back unsure of how to put into words just how incredible that experience was, so I kept my answers short whenever anyone asked me how it was because I knew I'd never do it justice. I definitely miss the red bus that took me to and from class, the scenic walk that I could take if I wasn't running late. I miss walking past major landmarks while doing grocery shopping or grabbing lunch. And the Royal Wedding coverage brought all of that back up. 


Big Ben, the London Eye, and the red buses are notorious when one thinks of London, but I also got to know the places most would pass right by. A long-standing bar that one could always find filled with locals after work, a little flower shop sticking out with its burst of color, intricate street art tucked away. The list could go on and on... the most delicious pancake place, a bucket list made by those passing by, and of course I found a beach. Yes, I definitely miss it. 


This is where my rambling comes to an end, I know I will definitely make my way back to London one day, it's now another place to call home. 

                                                                                             xoxo - siena