Diva in Training

Diva in Training

Dear Sorella, 

Only seven more days until I'm back home with you, our four younger brothers that I guess aren't so little anymore (they're all pretty much taller than my 5-foot self), and the SECOND biggest diva in the family (I'm still first thank you). I miss you all, even the stupid fights where I really don't truly know what we're fighting over. Every time I come back I swear Sofia gets 5 inches taller. I love her emoji texts from the iPad and the random selfies I find on my phone. Really can't wait to find out what she took from my room this break... she definitely likes dress-up. 


Hopefully she hasn't grown out of her make-up phase yet, I love her little voice asking "Francesca can you put highlight and lipstick on me?" and then hearing Dad yell "FRANCESCA" ten minutes later when Sofia walks downstairs. She really is growing up too fast and she's definitely going to be beautiful which I guess will help because the other day on FaceTime she told me she's searching for a boyfriend.

You guys are my motivation for finals... counting down the days 'til I'm back and we're all acting like fools.

                                                                                                                   xoxo- francesca